Reflexology is a relaxing treatment which originated in China & dates back to the 19th century & also used by the Egyptians around 2330BC.  Working by stimulating different arears of the feet . Our feet are a map to our body which correspond to various pressure points on the body ,organs & glands. Reflexology can help aide health problems by reducing pain, anxiety insomnia relaxation & general Health. Simply by applying pressure to these reflex points, stimulation to the nerve system occurs, and amazing results can be obtained. 

A treatment will start with a consultation.

You will be asked to lay on the treatment couch after removing shoes and socks. Your feet will be sanitised & gentle pressure applied to specific areas of both feet after applying a massage cream. Gentle massage will relax your feet and calves before applying pressure to reflex points on both feet. It is sometimes recommended a course of weekly or monthly sessions to feel the overall benefit of the treatment. 

Contraindications for Reflexology  

Please discuss with your doctor if you have any of the following before having a reflexology – Gout, Foot Ulcers, Thyroid Problems, Blood disorders, Epilepsy. 


£37 per one hour treatment – Block book 4 and get 5th one free.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including.

     Sinus Issues
     Back Pain
     General Relaxation
     Reduces Anxiety
     Improves Circulation
     Lower Blood pressure
     Helps with PMS 
     Helps increase energy levels
     Improves clarity & focus
     Multiple Sclerosis