Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy has existed for millions of years; used in ancient Greece, India and Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians used Lapiz Luzuli, Turquoise, Carnilian, Emerald & clear quartz in their jewellery. Crystals absorb and focus the energy where it needs to go.

This is a natural gentle non-invasive form of therapy used to energise and rebalance the body. Crystal’s work is that they provide a frequency which brings back balance in the aura & energy field. Sometimes this becomes out of balance due to stress and lifestyle.

During a crystal Therapy I begin with a consultation to discuss what you would like to work on. The client is laying down (fully clothed) comfortably on a couch. Using a combination of crystals to amplify & absorb energy.  Each treatment is personal to each client’s needs.  The crystals are all cleansed before every treatment and charged using reiki energy. The crystals are specifically chosen for each client. Working on the aura with crystals to help symptoms as well as bring a sense of overall well being.

I may use my pendulum to assist choosing the crystals and very much like reiki sensing the energy field and aura of the client as to where the crystals are placed on and around the body.

Many clients during the treatment fall asleep as it is very relaxing. Most clients leave feeling very calm with an overall sense of wellbeing.

All Holistic therapies can be used along with traditional medication as has no negative side-affects.


£45 per one hour treatment – Block book 4 and get 5th free.


     Wellness, focus and clarity
     Calm’s anxiety and depression
     Brings balance to mind body and spirit 
     Uplifts mood