About Helene

My love of Holistic therapy started through my own personal loss of family and loved ones at a young age which gave me a sense of wanting to help others. I was always a highly sensitive child & as an empath always sensed other people’s emotions.

After qualifying as a Beauty Therapist in 1996 & completing Anatomy and Physiology, I worked as a Beauty Therapist for the Sanctuary spa & recognised early on my interest in Holistic Therapies which led to my next chapter.

My pilgrimage began at the age of 26 when I lost my brother, my only living relative who I went through so much with growing up in care. Unaware of my gift and by my brothers’ side, in his last days in a coma, I found myself placing my crystal necklace around him and placing my hands over him for hours at a time. It felt instinctive and natural.

Through my grief I went on to giving complimentary healing for three years at Whomerley Spiritual Church in 1996. I cannot explain but it felt right! Getting feedback from clients encouraged me this was the area for me to explore. I went on to qualify in Reiki & become a Reiki master Practitioner. I believe Reiki & healing is working with Universal energy. I use my own personal experience & knowledge to help others.

I am extremely passionate about the treatments I provide & truly believe that Holistic Therapies restore your body’s natural balance & harmony. The treatments I have qualified in are Aromatherapy Diploma, Reflexology Diploma, Reiki master Practitioner, Crystal Healing 1 and 2 practitioners’ course with Philip Permutt and Advance Crystal Practitioner with Ashley Leavy. I am fully insured as a practitioner.

I was a volunteer complementary Therapist at Letchworth Garden Hospice from 2016-2019 & gave treatments to patients, carers & staff. I have worked with clients who have had experienced trauma, Stress, illness, Physical pain and bereavement. I currently work from the Health Emporium and Leaf Health Clinic in Hitchin where I have a peaceful, relaxing treatment rooms. I am also able to travel to clients.